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For over 12 years, F Co. Group has been a cornerstone of oilfield services,
civil works, and other general contracting and trading services in Iraq and U.A.E
As one of the largest general contractors in Iraq, we have been a consistent player
in the nation's growth. Our success has made it possible to expand our operations
to the MENA region and beyond. Today we have a strong presence in the multiple countries
in the Middle East. In a period of ten years, we have gained an excellent reputation
throughout Iraq and now as we go due to our highly qualified and customer-focused management,
outstanding services, our ability to meet our clients' requirement and manage any load of work.
Since its inception, the company has delivered beyond expectations,
satisfying not only clients and contractors, but also our employees,
I believe that the real values of our company are our commitment to its vision, mission,
and our particular focus towards the Health Safety and Environment.
On behalf of the board members, I would like to thank our clients, business partners,
and all employees for their support and effort to build this legacy of the future.

Message From The Chairman

Eng. Omar Al-Shaikhli

Our rich history of success is due to the diversity
of the projects we have completed and our ability to adapt to each
Client's different needs. Our field is supported with an experienced
manager that has the ability to meet a Client's needs, and out office staff
if built around policies and that are managed with up to date technology.


F Co. Group Contracting and General Trading Co. is a privately held company, with a focus towards oilfield services,
construction and civil works, trucking services and life support facilities as well as supplying various types
of materials and equipment for the oil industry.
F Co. Group brings to every project an array of professional expertise, along with the resources
to successfully complete even the most complex projects. With an extensive network of labor,
material, machinery, and equipment, the company always finds ways to better meet our client's project needs.
Since its inception, the company has been building strong portfolio by completing multiple projects
at the same time, while ensuring the high quality standards. Having strong and wide workforce and operational facilities,
F Co. Group has been involved in a number of project through the course of ten years,
which makes us one of the most credible companies in the region.
Focusing earlier on Iraq, the company has recently expanded its operations in the greater MENA
region and beyond in the recent years.
Being based in Iraq, F Co. has strong operations in Jordan and UAE.

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