Civil Work Services

We aim to become a leader in the field of construction, engineering and civil work, while also setting the benchmark for safety performance and cost effective quality workmanship.

F Co. is proud of its ability and expertise in design, construction, and maintenance of civil works like roads & highways, buildings, site preparation and pipeline instalments. Our civil engineers have the ability and the experience needed to perform the civil work needed for the construction of all power plants such as machines foundations, Industrial buildings switch yard foundations, cable trenches, steel structures, concrete water tanks, sheds, and housing.

Our expertise isn't limited to labour and workmanship, our staff harbours specialty in planning and scheduling of infrastructure projects, Project plans are developed for use by the client, project manager and the project management team. Planning requirements for complex projects can be very diverse.

We are committed to satisfy our clients & also focusing on long-term relationship. We are a dynamic, rapidly growing company striving to dedicate its efforts to design innovation & functional integrity for storage tanks. Our civil work involves the formation of a team responsible for working with customers to identify needs, analyse and create strategies and solutions, and provide resources for implementation.

  • Site construction
  • Water pipelines and water treatment units
  • Roads and Express way construction
  • Ground leveling
  • Site preparation
  • Waste management and environmental work