Oil Field

Oil Field Services

F Co. Group's experience in the Oilfield services is based on successful operations for over a decade. The company is bolstered by the visionary leadership, capable management and hard working, highly skilled engineers and support staff, which enables us to be leading contractors in Iraq over the past few years. Our success and expertise is the signature of our profitable business operations in the oilfield services.

The company is in continuous collaboration and agreement with multiple local and foreign companies and investors, such contact is aimed to create co-operation, leading to the establishment of joint ventures in the field of oil services to participate in the process of rebuilding the Iraqi Oil sector.

  • • Procurement and logistics
  • • Construction
  • • Workshop
  • • Workover
  • • Life support
  • • Refineries
  • • Pipelines
  • • Processing
  • • Support services
  • • Power Generation
  • • Infrastructure (water-Power-communication)
  • • Equipment Rental
  • • Logistics & Transportation
  • • Rig move
  • • Manpower
  • • Water Injection
  • • Temporary Facilities
  • • inspection services