Life Support Services

F Co. has a strong decade-long experience of setting up and managing economical and dependable temporary housing, providing catering, transportation, and logistical solutions. Our products and services fit our client's requirement, budget, and time line.

Our life support services are catered to meet large crew requirements in remote areas, our facilities are setup with a focus on hygiene and cleanliness as well as featuring fuelling, water supply, wastewater management, and maintenance facilities for our prestigious clients.

Accommodation - In the past ten years, F Co. has established relationships and the experience to arrange fixed, movable as well as tent based accommodation, which meets our client's expectations as well as international standards.

Dining - Within the last few years, F Co. Group has provided hygienic and wholesome dining facilities to over 5,000 staff. The company believes in establishing kitchens and dining facilities. The facility includes site construction, kitchen construction, installation of equipment and dining area setup, and is followed by operational maintenance regulations. F Co. Group has exceeded international standards on Health and Hygiene. It is matter of pride that we have had zero incidence of any contamination or breach of health and hygiene regulations.

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