F.Co. Group strives to be 100% responsive to the maintenance needs of our facilities. We maintain qualified individuals on site to perform both preventive and reactive maintenance and repairs. Be it plumbers, electricians, mechanics, fuel specialists, or structural engineers, we have a full-spectrum of service professionals.

What we offer !

F.Co. Group Contracting and General Trading Co. is a privately held company, with a focus towards oilfield services, construction and civil works, trucking services and life support facilities as well as supplying various types of materials and equipments for oil industry.



F.Co is fortunate and proud to have received numerous local and national awards for everything from safety to contruction services. The awards listed here are among the highest honors presented in the contruction industry.
Our rich history of success is due to the diversity of the projects we have completed and our ability to adapt to each Client's different needs. Our field is supported with an experienced manager that has the ability to meet a Client's needs, and out office staff if built around policies and that are managed with up to date technology.